Only our most popular products that sell out quickly get to be put on pre-order! We do this so you can shop the items at the SALE price before the SALE is over! :)

When an item is on pre-order, it means we do not have the item in stock yet. But, purchasing pre-orders gives you the chance to get the item once we get it in our warehouse! How it works is, once you place the order with us, we place the order with our vendor. They have their own processing and shipping time. Then once we get the items, we ship your order out SAME DAY!

The estimated time of arrival depends on the item. Most items typically take only an additional 2 - 5 business days to arrive to us and process! Most of the time, it's only a 2 day waiting period! :) Orders with "pre-order" items are disqualified from "SAME DAY SHIPPING" promotions because we have to wait for the arrival of your pre-order! Pre-orders are not guaranteed, but 99% of the time, we will have the item in stock for you!

Please note, these are STORE CREDIT PRE-ORDERS.. meaning, if it's not available, we will issue you STORE CREDIT for the item, NOT a refund! 

We get charged a fee for refunds, so we are only issuing store credit if it's out of stock! Chances of it being out of stock is VERY LOW, but it's possible! Only order if you love us and don't mind shopping again with us with store credit! :) ♡

No exceptions, sorry!